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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Is Bhutan the hardest country to get into?

Yeahhhh!!! After months and months of waiting for my Bhutan visa to clear, I had to ask myself, "Is Bhutan one of the hardest countries to get into or what?"  Well I guess the answer depends on whether or not you have $250 American dollars to spend on the DAILY tariff (unless you're an Indian or Bangladesh passport holder).  Since my bank account couldn't imagine paying the tariff for a six month stay (an estimated $45,000), I patiently waited for my invitation and visa to be granted in order to get the tariff waived.  Finally, it was granted a few weeks ago and today I'm boarding an airplane back to Bhutan for a once in a lifetime experience: living and teaching in a Buddhist nunnery in the Himalayan Mountains.  Unfortunately, I won't have internet at the nunnery so keeping up this blog may be difficult, however, it would be a dream to one day compile it into a book.  Nevertheless, I can't wait to get back to one of the world's most beautiful places, so breathtaking and special that I have to admit, I think it's worth more than a $250 daily tariff:-).